The Art of Collaboration

Once Jackie had written the ‘Be Yourself’ poem, her 7 year old son, Jacob, consulted with his mom about what the images should be on each page.  Jacob used a pencil to draw each picture until his ideas were down on paper. Some images, such as the basketball players, were drawn on a couple of pieces of paper which Jaimee compiled into one cohesive illustration.   After all the drawings were completed Jacob passed his art over to his Auntie for enhancements.  Jaimee traced Jacob’s work while adding some additional details to create a black and white line drawn image.  Jaimee then gave the enhanced drawing back to the original artist who used pencil crayons to select all color choices and color in each image.  Finally, the freshly colored pictures went back to Jaimee who used water color pencil crayons to complete the images which are displayed in the book.  This truly defines the art of collaboration.