Thank you

To my parents and in-laws for being amazing role models and teaching us how to be the best parents we can be to our children.

To my husband for putting up with me and my grand ideas.  None of this is possible without your support and partnership.

To my family whose unconditional love and support allows me to be myself and encourages me to strive to achieve all of my dreams and ambitions. 

  • To all the people who gave of their time and dedication to make this message of acceptance a reality, I thank you.
    • Grant Miyai, Music Therapist extraordinaire and friend.  Your unconditional support, enthusiasm and creativity are inspirational.  Thank you for being part of the team. 
    • Rachael Fecyk-Lamb, friend, teacher and photographer.  I value your constructive feedback always and admire your style of parenting/educating done with respect, compassion and empathy.
    • David Wolodarsky, thank you for being my mentor and champion throughout this journey of conquering new challenges.  Your time, patience and guidance have been so appreciated.
    • Tony Tavares (Consultant Diversity Education and International Languages, Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning) & Paul Paquin, (Curriculum Consultant, Physical and Health Education, Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning), Thank you for your guidance and direction regarding the student learning objectives which connect this book to the Manitoba curriculum. 
    • Breanne Farley, Bumble B Photography,
    • Laila Khoudeda, Makup Artist, call | text: 204-293-5018, email:, Instagram: @lailakhoudeda
    • Tarra Lindal, Hairstylist, Salon 1925 - 1925 Ness Ave, call / text: 204-899-2738
    • Kendra Jacob-Azevedo,  Creative director, Jacob Design Ltd. | 204-219-5107 |